What is BDG™ technology?

The IVQIN GLOVES™ BDG™ technology integrates into the existing manufacturing process without compromising the product’s quality.

It consists of an organic additive used to accelerate the biodegradation rate of gloves in biologically active landfills and anaerobic digesters.

How does BDG™ work?

IVQIN GLOVES.™ BDG™ is a polymerized “food source,” specially formulated to attract microbes commonly found in landfills. This biodegradation method is strictly enzymatic.

When bacteria consume the BDG™ material, they excrete an enzyme that dissolves and depolymerizes the polymer chain, allowing microbes to naturally break down the remaining polymer. [Figure 1]

Biodegradation rate

*The actual biodegradation rates will vary depending on the landfill conditions and the biological activity of microorganisms surrounding the nitrile gloves.

Glove properties

IVQIN GLOVES.™ BDG™ do not biodegrade prior to disposal. The unique formulation only allows the biodegradation process to commence when surrounded by microbes present in a landfill environment. Real-time lifespan study results demonstrate that the physical property of BDG™ gloves remains unchanged for up to 3 years.

Tested safe for biocompatibility and food contact

IVQIN GLOVES™ BDG™ gloves are safe for use against the skin in accordance with ISO standards, as well as for handling food in accordance with the FDA of the United States, Japan’s food sanitation regulations, European Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011, (EC) 1935/2004, and the German BfR XXI Recommendation. 

Powder Free Biodegradable Nitrile Gloves 3.5g

Material: Biodegradable Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR)
Color: Black.

Sizes: XS -XL. 

AQL: 1.5

Shelf life: 3 to 5 years.

Uses: Food / Industrial / Domestic.

International Standards

ASTM D5526, ASTM D5511, ASTM D6319, EN 1186, EN 13130, CEN/TS 14234, EN 420, EN ISO 374 part 1

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